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Hiring a Magento developer: The Ultimate Guide

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms which brings a new era of online retailer industry. Magento is popular not only because of “easy-to-use” interface but also the unlimitless adaptability to deal with site’s content.

Therefore, eCommerce store owners have diversity of choices to do with Magento. Even without any experiences in Magento development, you can hire developers to customize your eCommerce website for your own way.

There’re many things to care when hiring a Magento developer, you should consider these ones the most.

How to choose a good Magento developer?

hire magento developer
Your Magento development services providers will decide whether your online business is success or not. For many store owners who don’t have time to learn more about Magento development as their task is to dig deeper in marketing funnels, hiring a qualified Magento developer is the need for a long term project.

These instructions below will absolutely help you in deciding on suitable group for instant, first-rate and less costly Magento development offerings.

Certified Magento Developer

certified magento developer
Hiring a Certified Magento Developer is a first step in the direction of success. They have skills and know-how to take efficient Magento support, what extensions suit the best, forums to provide you high-quality Magento solutions to ensure your project complete right the way you want on time.

Some places for finding Certified Magento Developers to hire:

  • Ask your friends whether they know qualified Magento developers or not?
  • Magento Solution Partners: Magento has giant community and it’s perfect place for you to hire a perfect Magento developer.
  • Magento Certification Directory: There’re Certified Developers listed there.
  • Freelance Websites: Sites such as oDesk, eLance, Freelancer,etc. will help you much thanks to their database of thousands of Magento developers.
  • Networking Industry Event: Real Magento developers ( I mean who really serious on Magento) will go here and of course they have skill. You could find high-level Magento developers with enthusiasm to hire.
  • Social: Popular Social channel like Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter have many groups about Magento.

Your purpose is to hire Certified Magento developers, but how can you know he/she is suitable for your demand? What kind of developer you need? Considering the following:

Hire Magento developer for One time or Ongoing project?

This is really vital point to think about. Remember, not every developers have time to work for you on a long term project. Then they shouldn’t be hired for your work no matter how good they are.

On the other hand, If you want to fix some little things on your site. It’s time to find some freelancer developers who like small project.

Remember, you should test those developers before hiring them.

Hire Magento developer from Agency or Freelancer?

Once again, your project should be the key point here. If it’s a big one, then you better hire developers from agency. The reason is that agency with a team will ensure your project is delivered on time with satisfaction. If there’re multiple freelances, you will lose more time to manage them all in your object and still don’t know about final result.

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Price and Quality

Why I used “and” here? Because there is a simple rule that you will get what you pay for.

There are countless situations when companies employed the most inexpensive talent simplest to understand those developers can’t supply. They then pay the charge to rent other, greater experience people to repair their crappy code which turns out, in the long run, to be a lot greater high-priced.

On the equal time you don’t continually want to rent the maximum pricey developer to make certain they'll deliver on their guarantees. To recognize what form of person you need usually compare your challenge.

Does this mission require an experienced, veteran developer? If it’s not so hard, is it applicable to provide it to someone less skilled? This does not mean your need to hire steeply-priced Magento developers however you have to look for Magento builders who can recognize your necessities well and ensure all of your required features at of course low priced fee.

Term of Contract

Don’t forget to point out what the developers must do follow their contract. Keep your site secret to competitors for example. Other things like Fees and Payment term or Deadline of Prject should be told clear to avoid misunderstanding. It’s better to give some bonus fee when they do good.

Finding a great developer to hire is not easy but If you can find the best suitable developer, they can help your online business much! Just remember these things above and you won’t have to worry. If you have any idea about hiring a Magento developer, please feel free to let me know.



Is your poor loading speed bugging your sales?

Do you know?

About 80% of customers will leave, if your site takes 3 to 5 seconds to load. Automatically your sales will slide down with no visitors to shop.

What the giants say about poor loading speed?

Kissmetrics: “73% of mobile internet users have experienced a website with poor loading speed.”

Foressert:”40% of users will abandon a website being loaded longer than 3 seconds."

Google:”Keeping  a shopper to wait for 400 milliseconds costs a poster  customer."

It is undeniable the speed of website plays a vital role in developing your online business. So the question is that how to increase magento website. 

There are 7  Magento Speed Optimization Tips to Increase Ecommerce Store Performance

  1. Clean Database login

Magento save database several redundant data of past transactions that no longer serve any purpose. It is crucial to clean them manually. As the consequence of which, the database will become bloated and slow down the page loading speed substantially.

Steps to clean database login: Table Log -> Empty -> Yes

  1. Remove unnecessary 3rd party extensions

Magento gives the liberty to add any third party extensions to enrich the website functionality but exploiting this facility beyond the limit will only prove detrimental to the website performance.

So take inventory of your current list of 3rd party Magento modules. Identify those which you have not used for a long time and will not be using as a regular routine. Therefore, you had better remove them to Increase Magento Loading Speed for your website.

  1. Hosting Environment

Choose a trusted server supplier that can handle the load of traffic and concurrent users you are expecting to have also at pick hours. If you are reaching approximately the 100% server cpu usage it means that you must upgrade your server. You shomerguld Add both memory and cpu power and use a server which is geographically located close to your target audience in a view to make sure the connect link is nearest.

  1. Merge you Javascript and CSS files

Thank to using the advanced configuration in Magento back-end, you can integrate your JavaScript and CSS files, this actions can reduce the load time dramatically since its loading only one merged file instead of various JS and CSS files across your Magento store. Please remember that merging your JC files may cause issues that need to be resolved in the further, but in the end it certainly is worth it.

  1. Utilizing Full Page Cache

Full page cache is a good way to cut down your Magento website loading speed to fractions. By this method, the website stores a cache of the user behavior right after the first time it is logged into to enhance Magento Performance Optimization. In the next time, when the user logs in, the website will automatically refer to this cache instead of the server thus decreasing page loading speed significantly and also avoiding down-times to a large extent, especially during peak traffic scenarios.

  1. Run the latest version

On the other way, make sure that you are running the updated version of Magento for best performance (Now the newest Magento version is 1.9). Updated versions will be free of bugs and could have several performance improvements such as faster page loading speeds. Running an outdated version may not help in Magento Loading Speed Optimization.

In 2017, Magento 2 has been released and comes with several upgrades that will deliver spotless performance for your website.

Fast loading websites drive incessant customer traffic.

Do you want to hire a Certified Magento Developer in order to increase Magento Website speed Click Here

If you have any problems with Social login and Gift Voucher in your Magento, Magestore can help you to solve the problem. You can buy Magento 2 Gift Voucher ExtensionSocial Login Extension for Magento 2 from Magestore at our website  via Marketplace.



How to Make Money easily from Home

Is your money making money from home? Does it sound too cool to be true? it’s not that very hard to make extra money on the side  since we still live in the age of the internet . For more detail, check out for Magestore plugins

With that in mind, here are some ways that you may actually make money easily.

1. Start a blog.

Maybe the most good way to make a passive money is by launching your own blog. You may set up your blog in just a a couple of minutes to set up , it is also cheap to start with just your domain name and pay for hosting.

After that, you may start creating great content that people would be interested in sharing or reading. For example, that may be your blog if you are an accountant that has helped online store owners with their taxes . I personally have my invoicing blog to help clients know everything there is to know about invoicing. This draws thousands of signups a month.

In addition, you may make sure the topics you write about are popular. I doubt there could be enough customers visiting your our site to monetize it If you still love your pet rock. But you never know.

You may start making money from of your blog by many ways when you’ve gained a following.Here are some ways:

Earning commissions as an affiliate. This is where you push other people’s or services and products on your online store . You can make sure these products or services are relevant to your blog. For example, that accounting blog would become an affiliate for invoicing or accounting software. When you find an affiliate partner you will be given a unique code so that whenever a customer clicks that link on your online store you will make your commission.You can check for Magestore - the Magento ecommerce software.

Sell advertising. It may also be great enough for advertisers to purchase ads on your website  If your site has the traffic to become an affiliate. You could start off small, like making under $20 per ad. But, you may eventually be  charge triple digits. Your site may be quality again.

Find sponsors. This is slightly different from just selling ads on your website. Sponsorships can be a one-off piece of permanent logo or sponsored content embedded in your footer.

2. Sell your own information product.

You may start creating products, such as videos, eBooks or and selling them on your blog If you’re knowledgeable in a certain area . It may take a lot of work to create and market your services or products, but you may just set back and collect the proceeds when all the leg work is over.

3. Earn royalties.

You could earn royalties from your work If you’re a talented actor,musician, or author. yeah, people will pay you for using your creative assets or your work .

You can check out Royalty Exchange If you are not talented enough, but still interested in earning royalties. It is a marketplace where you may sell  and buy royalties.

4. Create a membership community.

If you have proven yourself to be an authority figure, you may create a membership community where you pay a monthly fee to receive additional high-quality information  and content that is not available to non-members.

5. Install an autoresponder.

Another common ecommerce model is using autoresponders to sell memberships,  products, or services . This is where people leave their email address on your website, then they will receive an automated email containing the link to download quality information or  products you have to offer, and follow-up with a series of emails.

6. Flip websites.

You can be sell it to an interested party by listing on marketplaces If you  have  put in the time and effort in building a site and you have earned a lot of traffic. I have sold and bought many sites here and made much money.

7. Sell physical products.

Just like with a blogging website, by selling physical products, there are some ways to make a passive money. Maybe one of the best known ways is by selling your old junk on eBay. But you can start drop shopping  even if you do not have anything left to sell . This is where you sell products for a store on Amazon or eBay and they will take care of the rest , including shipping.

You may also launch your own online store by using Magento plugins from Magestore. They will give you everything you need to sell products or services online from a complete ecommerce store to including buy buttons on your social media channels.

8. Invest in stocks or shares.

You become a stakeholder, when you invest in stocks . That entitles you to a share of their profits. Investing in stocks has been a good way to make a lot of money for years, and due to the internet, it is more easier than ever to find and invest in stocks on your own.

9. Peer-to-peer lending.

Some firms like  Propser,  LendingClub ,and Harmoney have created a new industry where anybody may become a lender. They will then match you with a consumer who either prefers or has trouble securing a loan from a bank.  Since you are dealing directly with the borrower you may make a higher interest rates on the loans you issued.

10. Rent out property.

You may rent out your home while on vacation or your vacation home when not in use. You may also rent out your parking space, garage, or unused office space. Without really doing anything except placing an ad, It is really a good supplemental income.




How to become a billionaire before 30

Becoming a billionaire can seem out of your reach, but it is possible with the right guidance and attitude  . The fact of the matter is your money may only grow as quickly as you do, therefore,to achieve your goal of becoming a billionaire, you must change your mindset.

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1. Network

Whether or not they are in the same field You will often find that powerful people associate with equally as great peers. it is key that you start networking with audience that have the way with which to catapult you to success  as a result.

Unfortunately,  nobody will know it unless you tell them, even if you are the best brain surgeon in the world, therefore, you may find out where your industry icons will be, and you should go then meet them.

6. Embrace nothingness.

Being bored is fine. In fact, being bored actually means that you have spare time on your hands, which is a great thing. it's also a great way to focus your efforts on more productive matters aside from stopping you from filling every void with an activity that costs you income.

3. Seek opportunities.

Chances are not just going to land on your lap as you sit at your desk during your usual nine to five routine. You must go out there and get them. You also must make your name heard so that others think of you as the perfect person when jobs pop up.

Because you must invest your spare time developing it until it starts generating a side income for you, keep your day job to pay the bills,  If you have got an ecommerce idea you have been sitting on for a long time . it may even become your billion dollar baby when  it is up and running.

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4. Start learning new skills.

To learn is about more than enabling you to do your current job properly; to become an expert in your chosen field, it is a nice way for you. Besides, it is a good way for you to discuss topics with other professionals more broadly. In addition,  it can allow you to become a well-rounded intellectual.

5. Become more frugal.

At least not in their beginnings, Rich people do not get their fortune from buying fancy cars or giving it away. You need to start living a more frugal lifestyle If you want to become a billionaire. By avoiding branded products and lavish shopping days, you need to cut down on your spending.  

2. Work on increasing your current income.

it's time to work out how you are going to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals when you have created your plan and listed them. Realistically,  by cutting back on your daily coffee, you are not going to become a billionaire; you need to work out how you are going to grow your current money.

Firstly, you can look at chances with your current employer. While offering you a higher income, maybe there is a promotion up for a new position or grabs within your store/ firm that could suit you better. Secondly, you may consider a side hustle that will allow you to regularly generate more income .


By sitting in the same chair every day until retirement, You may not become a billionaire. You must change your implement and mindset some, if not all, the tips outlined above. You can start your day with a new sense of discipline, drive, and make the necessary sacrifices to reach the milestones that will propel you towards your goals.



Best eCommerce Trends in 2017


The great news is that there has never been a better time to be in online market. Ecommerce are going to continue to grow, and you have to prepare if you want to be part of the new wave. Here are some best ecommerce trends in 2017 to be aware of to help you do that.

1. Improved mobile shopping experiences

Mobile commerce is growing fast and fast.Many challenges associated with getting customers to buy through tablets and smartphones have arisen  in the past , but many of those kinks have been ironed out.

What's more,  by offering live chat support, some store owners are already taking things to the next level. This creates an immediate point of connection with clients. they are far more likely to become loyal clients over the long term  If you may consistently and reliably offer them good advice via their devices. This has massive implications for great online business  that also have an online component.

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2. Context will become the new personalization.

Although a lot of customers appreciate customized product suggestions, others are annoyed when a product they viewed just once on Amazon continues to follow them around for months or weeks on websites and other socail media accounts , regardless of their actual interest level.

So, retargeting can be effective, and even incredibly relevant, but it does not always take context into account.

The idea is that it will remember your preferences if you become a member of an online store. In addition, the same personalized experiences are being offered even to those who are not even registered or logged in.

3. Real-time analytics

Data is an invaluable resource in helping you determine how your ecommerce is doing. Unfortunately, spotting trends or problems was a time-intensive process with traditional analytics. Because before your customers left your site, you can not provide immediate assistance to them, traditional analytics also slowed things down perhaps for great.

Read more: How to become a billionaire before 30

4. Video marketing

We have known about the vital of high quality photography and optimized product descriptions for online websites for years. However, these are mere prerequisites  If you want to remain competitive.

With branded, custom video content, a lot of Ecommerce are now taking things to the next level. Video builds much trust with prospective shoppers.

Video also may  increase conversions,  make your content more shareable, boost your site's SEO, and help your customers consume more news in less time.

5. Social collaboration

Social collaboration is not just about having a website where customers may drop their templates into existing designs. Prospective clients may actually alter the designs of existing products and come up with nice , professional-looking  wares.

The implementation of nice tools for social interaction and collaboration allows for clients to feel that they are a part of the creation process, which means that your customers may get a product that they really really want.

Final thoughts

This is an exciting time to be in online market , as ecommerce continue to innovate as well as get an edge on the competition.

You do not forget:to invest in new initiatives, innovation is not all about the capital you have. Many times,because creativity is what makes all the difference, spending may actually get in the way of innovating.

New ecommerce processes do not necessarily require money, but they do require outside-the-box thinking. You must see possibilities where others might see none.




Magento Performance Optimization: Speed up your online store

Magento Performance Optimization

The performance of an E-commerce website decides whether they are success or not. So optimizing the speed of Magento E-commerce website turn to be the crucial factor to satisfy customers as faster speed allow faster access while shopping in your E-commerce store and also increasing Google Rank too.


Why people choose Magento platform for their store website? What is the causes for slow loading speed? What are things a entrepreuner could do to boost Magento site’s performance? This article will sweep things under the red carpet.


Why Magento?


When it comes to choosing an E-commerce CMS or platform you have many separated options. WooCommerce powered by Worpress or Shoptify or Volusion and a lot of other choices. However, Magento has always stood at the top place for businessmen and organizations to choose. This happened because of many reasons:


Magento Optimization

Magento is an open source: the first to tell about Magento is that It’s a free E-commerce platform with open source technologies. Which means it’s both easier and safer for non-technical person to understand. Moreover, Magento allows flexible construction for developers who willing to optimize their website on to a higher level.

Community: Magento is popular right now. There are thousands of Magento involvers ( developers, agencies, users) out there. They always want to share and discuss.

Responsive configuration: Online business are not only take place on computer but also land on mobile devices Statistics show that mobile users has rocketed through time. That’s when Magento become many online retailers parter as it allow store integration across multiple devices to work properly on phones, tablets,etc.

Extension diversity: with a giant store of extensions, Magento allows users expand their online store much more easily. On other hand, Magento extensions, Magento 2 Gift Card, Magento 2 Social Login, Magento Facebook also bring differences to your online store apart from others.


Why Magento Performance Optimization is Important?


The real statistics from Kissmetrics point out that 42% of surfers will give up on loading a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Actually, there’re nothing wrong with that. You have fast wifi connect and super smartphone but you can’t view a site on 3 seconds,you start to think: “ how is it possible?”. This is what things happened. Consumers doesn’t know about optimization and site speed.

magento speed optimization

Magento is known as the most robust E-commerce platform to gain advantages from its extensions and structure. However, Its heavy-weight structure is the reason why each online store owner by Magento should think about and minimize the risk of slow loading speed.


What is the causes for low performance?


Probably, loading speed of an website is affected by its size of webpages like text, images,etc. Just like you load a video from Youtube, the more detailed information it has the more time you need to load. Statistics show that webpage size increase by 25% each year and this size reach 3 MB soon ( too large number for a page). It’s clearly that If you don’t do anything then your site will disappear from consumers’ mind.


As said before, 3 seconds is not a perfect number for loading time but 90% of those Ecommercce websites couldn’t archieve. This is primarily due to too many HTTPS requests , failure to deploy cache and so on.


Magento website Optimization, backup magento techniques can make heavy content on rich e-commerce website load within the period of 3 seconds, maybe less. Just by following these 10 steps your online store webpages will ready to compete and take all the customers!


How to optimize your Magento business store?


Optimizing an website is not easy, especially on Magento platform. However, there’re always steps that each of store owner “MUST” do. Whether or not, It’s essential to find out what should be done.


  1. Running online store on lastest Magento version


Customers’ satisfaction is what Magento always care about. That’s why they update their version regularly. Each update version provide bug fixes and performance improvements which support store on speeding up. Magento usually notify you when they release a new version.


There are 3 main steps on upgrading Magento:

  • Install a fresh version Magento file tree which you want to use.
  • Run the installer
  • Move your current themes and custom extensions to newest version.


  1. Setting up Content Delivery Network


Content Delivery Network (CDN) are the transparent backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery. With CDN system, you will ensure that your resouces such as images, javascrip,CSS,etc would come from many other locations through the world. As your resources are delivered faster to customers, loading time will surely increasing.

Don’t be afraid that this is difficult. CDN allow you to modify it easily both on HTTP or new kind HTTPS too.


  1. Optimizing Images


As you see, images are always heavier than text or other content. A website’s page is made up with more than 60 percentages images which mean low your images weight down can help performance as well.


There are two ways to help you in optimizing images of Magento: Using photoshop or using extensions given by Magento and thirdparty companies to optimize automatically.


  1. Enable Magento Flat Catalog


Never heard about Flat Catalog? Flat Catalog allows your website merges product data on categories and product pagesf into one table using EAV model which store customer and product data. The process of responding to MySQL queries faster just by turning this mode on. This mean the more products you have the more benifical Flat Catalog will bring.


To enable Flat Catalog you should:

  • Select “System” on webpages => Go to “Configuration” => Next to “Catalog”
  • Find “Use Flat Catalog Category” and “Use Flat Catalog Product” choose “Yes”
  • Then “Save”
  • Clear Cache by click “System” then “Cache Management” then “Flush Cacghe Storage” to clean the Cache.


  1. Merge CSS and Javascript Files


This Concatenate function is known as a built in feature for Mangeto platform. When you merge CSS and Javascript file together, total number of HTTP and HTTPS will probably reduce which turn out to good for site’s performance.

To take action you should follow these:

  • Find “System” => go to “Advanced” => Find “Developer” .
  • Find “Merge Javascript Files” and “Merge CSS Files” all turn “Yes” then “Save Config”
  • Remember to clear cache each time you need to change something.


  1. Magento Compilation


Function of Magento Compilation is to reduce filesystem reads by copying all these files into a single directory.

Follow these steps to turn it on:

  • Continue finding “System” => “Tools” => “Compilation”
  • Click on “Run compilation Process” => “Save Config”

Magento Compilation can destroy your file if you don’t turn it off on installing more extensions or upgrading Magento version.


  1. Magento Database & Logs


Magento will keep all databases and logs for 6 months which can lead to huge icreasing on Database of your website. If your sites is good enough, you should rearrange Database and Logs to a smaller amount of days.

By helping Logs shorter:

  • Navigate “System” => “Advanced” => “System” => “Log”
  • Chance “Save Log Days” to smaller number.
  • “Save Config”


  1. Trying to reduce extensions


Perfect Magento online store website must contain extensions. However, too much extensions is not good as they provided smart function but they are heavy. So try your best to keep your Magento install down to as few extensions as possible.

  • Go to “System” => “Configuration” => “Advanced” => “Adcanved” => “Log”
  • On the module you don’t need to select “Disable” from the drop-down box.
  • “Save Config”


  1. Updating Indexes


Indexes are used to speed up MySQL queries. You don’t need to manually update all of them.

  • Start with “System” => “Index Management”
  • Choose which indexes you want to update then click “Reindex Data” then “Submit”


  1. Choose web hosting wisely


The first but tell last is web hosting. There are many web hosting providers on the market. Find the best and fastest one is the most important thing on trying to boost your web performance. Don’t play with “cheap providers”, save a little money doesn’t ensure your website quality.





As you can see there are many ways you can speed up your Magento E-commerce website. And these ways are very easy to take action ,no need code, just click. You have also know why Magento Optimization is important. More than that, I believe you guys have seen the perfect platform for your online store website.

Loading speed importances

website loading speed importance

The aim of Ecommerce website is to show products and tell your visitors that they need it. And fast loading speed is the very first impression you provide to them. I’m sure that you don’t want your visitors abandon your site that you worked hard to build just because of slow loading speed.


What happened if your online store website is too slow?


Have you ever thought about the reasons why your Ecommerce store didn’t get enough visitors  eventhough you’re doing perfect on your content and appearance? It’s time to check out for website performance and speed.

loading speed affect conversion

Imagine that your content was perfectly optimized and your site had powerfull structure but the visitors even couldn’t read those because of long loading time barrier. Believe me, they will leave you in no time. According to Kissmetrics: nearly half of consumers expect a webpage take 2 seconds or less to load and 40% of visitors would abandon your website if it take longer than 3 seconds to load. 79% of visitors would never buy product from your site again because of bad performance.

loading speed affect conversion


When talking about the importance of loading speed, online store owners must know “1 second” rule. Just one second slower than competitors, you will lose 11% of all the page views. Just one second of loading delay your conversion will drop by 7%. Which mean if your Ecommerce website bring $10,000 per day, you will lose $700 for that. The more money your website make the more you lost.

When all that things happened, your customers’ disatisfaction will raise, 16% for detailed number. Then 44% of all that customers’ friends or family members will know about their poor experience shopping online with your site.


What fast website speed brings to your website?

fast loading benefits

Increasing Google rank: Google care about their searchers which means things that cause uncomfortable for searchers are bad. It also takes into oaccount the amount of time spent loading from the searchers’point of view. Although page loading speed is just one of 200 factors that you should optimize to get more point from Google and rank up, this should be the priority for website owners.

Boost conversion rate: As said be fore, 1 second could count as 7% conversion rate which considered to be a huge number with businessman! Should we have some examples to proof my word? Google had made their test on turn result page from 10 results each to 30 each. Then Google rolled out the changes and tested for speed. The final result is that their traffic had dropped by 20%. Then we understand the fact that with just a second slower, every business could lose million of dollars each year!

Reduce bounce rate: Despite the fact that bounce rate mostly decided by first impressions of the page, searchers tend to feel more and more uncomfortable when waiting for a long time. They want to read their target content but can also easily abandon it when they can just see one part of all pages. I’m sure that you had fell in these situations before. You want the content not the title only right? That’s why we need a fast loading site here.

Fast website loading speed probably will be the first priority in your optimization check list. Not only this can help your online business career but also satisfy your customer the most.There are a lot of things you should do to optimize your website loading speed such as product pages, images, setting up Content Delivery Network,etc . All you need for success is to determine which extensions you should get and which changes you should make.

How to optimize product pages for E-commerce website?


The fact shows that optimizing an E-commerce website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is much more difficult than a blogs or simple company websites because there are thousands of products on many product pages. Therefore, it’s totally wrong when an online merchant apply some simple SEO methods and believe that traffic will grow regularly. Problems in reality will appear and prove that SEO for E-commerce website is a big challenge, even when the webmasters use Magento, a powerful E-commerce platform that supports SEO.    

In detail, optimizing product pages is the most basic task and requires attention from webmasters. Good optimized product pages would be a strong base to conduct SEO process for a website.   

Here are 4 rules that an online merchant need to remember by heart to create a friendly product pages.

1. Never forget Product Description

Small online stores like gift or clothing shops always have product pages without text description or maybe have very short one. Obviously, if all the products only have pictures and price and completely lack of text description, the websites have no chance to be ranked at top 10 on any keyword of search engine queries, even when the keyword is low-competitive. That’s why webmasters need to make sure that all item in their online stores have to be described and the text need to be measured as unique content. Not only text description is content of product pages, but also text on sidebar, footer, and any other position present one the pages need to be measured. Copied content from other websites are surely not allowed, number of text should be more than default word count to make heavy weight content, and of course, content need to be tested for high conversion rate.

2. Do not use the same Product Descriptions with Manufacturers

The website would be banned by search engines if the content is copied, so never use a text description from manufacturer because these descriptions are maybe used on many other online stores. Sometimes other websites use the original form of text, so it makes the content on each sites become low-qualified. Google Search Engine is upgraded day by day and it always priors unique content.

It is truly hard to create unique content for thousands of products, so webmasters can consider to put a noindex meta tag on product pages that they can not come up with any new idea. Keeping the websites at good standing in SEO by some unique contents is much better than let all pages with low-qualified content are indexed.     

3. Website must have Product Reviews

Before making a purchase, 70% of buyers want to read through product reviews on online stores. A living website need to keep updating by review day by day, and it leads to the healthy E-commerce business. If the website doesn’t have function that allows audience to write comments on products, the conversion rate of product pages will be probably low.

Moreover, there are two advantages on SEO for the website when customers put review on product pages:

  • All product reviews are unique content for the page and it’s totally free.

  • It makes the page keep updating all the time, which help to attract search engines come back very often.

4. Be careful with Duplicate Content

An E-commerce website with plenty of products would probably have this mistake. Different sorting criteria such as tags, categories may have great chance to create duplicate content. Here are some tips to avoid duplicates:

  • Use robots.txt to block areas that create duplicate content such as archives, tags and even category pages in some cases.

  • Use the canonical tag to indicate which web pages need to be indexed.

  • Nofollow attributes can be added to links that point to areas of duplicate content.

The 8 best extensions for Magento websites


Magento today is still a leader in E-Commerce platforms because of many advantages for webmasters to build websites, but users community are probably aware that the basic form of Magento websites cannot fulfill 100% their needs. It’s not a problem because eventually Magento is only a platform, not an entire solution for a business.

In order to reduce time to search on Magento Connect or Google to find suitable tools for online marketing, currency conversions, conversion optimization and so on, this list provides 8 Magento extensions in no particular order which are considered as the best solutions to setup an online stores.



Shipping is a significant task in online retail and most of new ecommerce sites find it hard to be managed, especially when the cost for items are not equal. Therefore, Matrixrate solves the problem of managing shipping costs for weight, location, quantity and others. Shipping cost will be confirm and fill in different tables when customers make order via the website.


Magento Reward Points Plus Platinum



This is one of the most powerful support and chat box software in the marketplace because of its customization and reporting capabilities. Olark allows users to keep tabs on current or past actions of the customer who are using services. With live conversation in addition to ticketed support, this solution will reduces time, push the process of customer support faster and strengthen services on websites.



Digital Marketing is crucial task to run business in E-commerce, and Bronto is the best online marketing tool for Magento website with ability to conduct targeted emails and multi-channels campaigns. The extension also performs as a CRM system by using the existing purchase data from the website. Bronto also provides customer segmentation, which is based on purchased products or categories. Metrics for analysis are average order value, last order total, total revenue and more.


XML map creator - by Magestore (free)

This extension allows user to set up and create multiple XML sitemaps for Magento site. The sitemaps submission of created pages on Google and Bing webmasters will enable them to crawl and index entire site better. It can potentially increase the amount of organic traffic to websites via search engines.   



Optimizely allows users to run A/B testing and track a specific area or metric. The panel’s interface can be edited by drag and drop, it’s very easy to start with basic setup. Optimizely can test pages, deploy a copy of temporary page, and other functions of advanced targeting tests and revenue tracking, which requires custom coding.   


Yotpo (free)

Yotpo provides a review system, which is crucial with a lot of benefits such as: Content for SEO, tool of marketing, improvement of truth on products, or email-based review requests.

Yotpo focuses heavily on SEO and it also has reviews filter, the ability to hide some random pointless reviews.      


One Step Checkout - by Magestore

Amount of time to import, process data and finish orders is one of crucial elements that impact total sales volume. Therefore, with functions such as suggest information, increase loading speed, support customer to fill order in one step, One Step Checkout Extensions helps to shorten sales circles. Moreover, it allows most of payment methods to make the deal closes easier.    



Zendesk is a cheap and effective way to organize customer support without numbers of support agents. For a small site with one person to support customer, the cost is only $12 a year, and the bigger store with more professional customer services only need a fairly low cost of $59 per month. The price is much more cheaper in comparison with staff salary.      


How to build an ecommerce website?



Recent years, online stores are considered as profit-making monsters for merchants at any size of business. However, setup an E-commerce website may contains a lot of challenges and requires a particular level in terms of knowledge and experience. For any business owners who want to sell products online, this E-commerce guideline would shows how to build an online store with all basics. Initially, an E-commerce website can be divided into 4 main components:

- Product pages

- Shopping carts

- Gateway account

- Merchant account


Product pages

These pages contain all information about products and directly sell them to customer. The informative product pages need to have content with full of keywords and high quality images.

It requires deep understanding about customer in order to create the comfortable experience and lead to the purchasing behaviors. All sites need to be organized and safe, it reflects how professional the owners are and then makes truth from customer to buy.  



Shopping cart


To build a good shopping cart in terms of mechanics and customer experience is very hard. Most store owners agree that should pay more attention on entire experience rather than functions, because customer experience decides more on the return of buyers. There are four components that should be addressed in a good shopping cart:     

  1. A blueprint that allows customer to view and pick items easily and intuitively.

  2. A friendly back-end panel for admin to add, edit, and delete items on product pages.

  3. An effective tool to manage orders fulfillment and product inventory

  4. Ability to generate sales data for accounting and make reports, manage overall conversion.

A friendly and high-performance shopping cart can be built from zero, it would be maximum in functionality and customization but also requires great deal of cost. Due to the budget for development, each method for shopping cart can be optimized in many different ways, however they all have the same goal is to please customer by good experience and structure checkout process logically.

Website security is also a big problem for shopping carts. Everything need to be secured when a customer fill personal information in the checkout stages. Secure Server Certificate (SSC), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Protocol (HTTPS) must be installed and implemented.


Gateway account

The account is a payment gateway which is built to process payments. There is a wide range of Gateway processor companies with different fees and it takes time to research for an appropriate one.


Merchant Account

These accounts accept credit cards and to be where the payments will be deposited. The accounts can be provided by local banks, they are needed to accept credit card transaction online and hold money. In some cases, store owners can get both merchant account and transaction processing services from the same organization. The full-package solutions often bring simple methods for website integration, however conducting research is always needed.

Overall, it’s agreed that the most important aspect for a successful online store is customer satisfaction in services and experience, products quantity and quality are secondary. Therefore, a suitable E-commerce platform with advantages to fulfill business requirements is one of the most concern. Nowadays, Magento is probably an outstanding platform that can fit easily with many kinds of online business.   

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