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Hiring a Magento developer: The Ultimate Guide

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms which brings a new era of online retailer industry. Magento is popular not only because of “easy-to-use” interface but also the unlimitless adaptability to deal with site’s content.

Therefore, eCommerce store owners have diversity of choices to do with Magento. Even without any experiences in Magento development, you can hire developers to customize your eCommerce website for your own way.

There’re many things to care when hiring a Magento developer, you should consider these ones the most.

How to choose a good Magento developer?

hire magento developer
Your Magento development services providers will decide whether your online business is success or not. For many store owners who don’t have time to learn more about Magento development as their task is to dig deeper in marketing funnels, hiring a qualified Magento developer is the need for a long term project.

These instructions below will absolutely help you in deciding on suitable group for instant, first-rate and less costly Magento development offerings.

Certified Magento Developer

certified magento developer
Hiring a Certified Magento Developer is a first step in the direction of success. They have skills and know-how to take efficient Magento support, what extensions suit the best, forums to provide you high-quality Magento solutions to ensure your project complete right the way you want on time.

Some places for finding Certified Magento Developers to hire:

  • Ask your friends whether they know qualified Magento developers or not?
  • Magento Solution Partners: Magento has giant community and it’s perfect place for you to hire a perfect Magento developer.
  • Magento Certification Directory: There’re Certified Developers listed there.
  • Freelance Websites: Sites such as oDesk, eLance, Freelancer,etc. will help you much thanks to their database of thousands of Magento developers.
  • Networking Industry Event: Real Magento developers ( I mean who really serious on Magento) will go here and of course they have skill. You could find high-level Magento developers with enthusiasm to hire.
  • Social: Popular Social channel like Facebook, linkedIn, Twitter have many groups about Magento.

Your purpose is to hire Certified Magento developers, but how can you know he/she is suitable for your demand? What kind of developer you need? Considering the following:

Hire Magento developer for One time or Ongoing project?

This is really vital point to think about. Remember, not every developers have time to work for you on a long term project. Then they shouldn’t be hired for your work no matter how good they are.

On the other hand, If you want to fix some little things on your site. It’s time to find some freelancer developers who like small project.

Remember, you should test those developers before hiring them.

Hire Magento developer from Agency or Freelancer?

Once again, your project should be the key point here. If it’s a big one, then you better hire developers from agency. The reason is that agency with a team will ensure your project is delivered on time with satisfaction. If there’re multiple freelances, you will lose more time to manage them all in your object and still don’t know about final result.

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Price and Quality

Why I used “and” here? Because there is a simple rule that you will get what you pay for.

There are countless situations when companies employed the most inexpensive talent simplest to understand those developers can’t supply. They then pay the charge to rent other, greater experience people to repair their crappy code which turns out, in the long run, to be a lot greater high-priced.

On the equal time you don’t continually want to rent the maximum pricey developer to make certain they'll deliver on their guarantees. To recognize what form of person you need usually compare your challenge.

Does this mission require an experienced, veteran developer? If it’s not so hard, is it applicable to provide it to someone less skilled? This does not mean your need to hire steeply-priced Magento developers however you have to look for Magento builders who can recognize your necessities well and ensure all of your required features at of course low priced fee.

Term of Contract

Don’t forget to point out what the developers must do follow their contract. Keep your site secret to competitors for example. Other things like Fees and Payment term or Deadline of Prject should be told clear to avoid misunderstanding. It’s better to give some bonus fee when they do good.

Finding a great developer to hire is not easy but If you can find the best suitable developer, they can help your online business much! Just remember these things above and you won’t have to worry. If you have any idea about hiring a Magento developer, please feel free to let me know.

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