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How to build an ecommerce website?



Recent years, online stores are considered as profit-making monsters for merchants at any size of business. However, setup an E-commerce website may contains a lot of challenges and requires a particular level in terms of knowledge and experience. For any business owners who want to sell products online, this E-commerce guideline would shows how to build an online store with all basics. Initially, an E-commerce website can be divided into 4 main components:

- Product pages

- Shopping carts

- Gateway account

- Merchant account


Product pages

These pages contain all information about products and directly sell them to customer. The informative product pages need to have content with full of keywords and high quality images.

It requires deep understanding about customer in order to create the comfortable experience and lead to the purchasing behaviors. All sites need to be organized and safe, it reflects how professional the owners are and then makes truth from customer to buy.  



Shopping cart


To build a good shopping cart in terms of mechanics and customer experience is very hard. Most store owners agree that should pay more attention on entire experience rather than functions, because customer experience decides more on the return of buyers. There are four components that should be addressed in a good shopping cart:     

  1. A blueprint that allows customer to view and pick items easily and intuitively.

  2. A friendly back-end panel for admin to add, edit, and delete items on product pages.

  3. An effective tool to manage orders fulfillment and product inventory

  4. Ability to generate sales data for accounting and make reports, manage overall conversion.

A friendly and high-performance shopping cart can be built from zero, it would be maximum in functionality and customization but also requires great deal of cost. Due to the budget for development, each method for shopping cart can be optimized in many different ways, however they all have the same goal is to please customer by good experience and structure checkout process logically.

Website security is also a big problem for shopping carts. Everything need to be secured when a customer fill personal information in the checkout stages. Secure Server Certificate (SSC), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Protocol (HTTPS) must be installed and implemented.


Gateway account

The account is a payment gateway which is built to process payments. There is a wide range of Gateway processor companies with different fees and it takes time to research for an appropriate one.


Merchant Account

These accounts accept credit cards and to be where the payments will be deposited. The accounts can be provided by local banks, they are needed to accept credit card transaction online and hold money. In some cases, store owners can get both merchant account and transaction processing services from the same organization. The full-package solutions often bring simple methods for website integration, however conducting research is always needed.

Overall, it’s agreed that the most important aspect for a successful online store is customer satisfaction in services and experience, products quantity and quality are secondary. Therefore, a suitable E-commerce platform with advantages to fulfill business requirements is one of the most concern. Nowadays, Magento is probably an outstanding platform that can fit easily with many kinds of online business.   

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