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Is your poor loading speed bugging your sales?

Do you know?

About 80% of customers will leave, if your site takes 3 to 5 seconds to load. Automatically your sales will slide down with no visitors to shop.

What the giants say about poor loading speed?

Kissmetrics: “73% of mobile internet users have experienced a website with poor loading speed.”

Foressert:”40% of users will abandon a website being loaded longer than 3 seconds."

Google:”Keeping  a shopper to wait for 400 milliseconds costs a poster  customer."

It is undeniable the speed of website plays a vital role in developing your online business. So the question is that how to increase magento website. 

There are 7  Magento Speed Optimization Tips to Increase Ecommerce Store Performance

  1. Clean Database login

Magento save database several redundant data of past transactions that no longer serve any purpose. It is crucial to clean them manually. As the consequence of which, the database will become bloated and slow down the page loading speed substantially.

Steps to clean database login: Table Log -> Empty -> Yes

  1. Remove unnecessary 3rd party extensions

Magento gives the liberty to add any third party extensions to enrich the website functionality but exploiting this facility beyond the limit will only prove detrimental to the website performance.

So take inventory of your current list of 3rd party Magento modules. Identify those which you have not used for a long time and will not be using as a regular routine. Therefore, you had better remove them to Increase Magento Loading Speed for your website.

  1. Hosting Environment

Choose a trusted server supplier that can handle the load of traffic and concurrent users you are expecting to have also at pick hours. If you are reaching approximately the 100% server cpu usage it means that you must upgrade your server. You shomerguld Add both memory and cpu power and use a server which is geographically located close to your target audience in a view to make sure the connect link is nearest.

  1. Merge you Javascript and CSS files

Thank to using the advanced configuration in Magento back-end, you can integrate your JavaScript and CSS files, this actions can reduce the load time dramatically since its loading only one merged file instead of various JS and CSS files across your Magento store. Please remember that merging your JC files may cause issues that need to be resolved in the further, but in the end it certainly is worth it.

  1. Utilizing Full Page Cache

Full page cache is a good way to cut down your Magento website loading speed to fractions. By this method, the website stores a cache of the user behavior right after the first time it is logged into to enhance Magento Performance Optimization. In the next time, when the user logs in, the website will automatically refer to this cache instead of the server thus decreasing page loading speed significantly and also avoiding down-times to a large extent, especially during peak traffic scenarios.

  1. Run the latest version

On the other way, make sure that you are running the updated version of Magento for best performance (Now the newest Magento version is 1.9). Updated versions will be free of bugs and could have several performance improvements such as faster page loading speeds. Running an outdated version may not help in Magento Loading Speed Optimization.

In 2017, Magento 2 has been released and comes with several upgrades that will deliver spotless performance for your website.

Fast loading websites drive incessant customer traffic.

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