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Loading speed importances

website loading speed importance

The aim of Ecommerce website is to show products and tell your visitors that they need it. And fast loading speed is the very first impression you provide to them. I’m sure that you don’t want your visitors abandon your site that you worked hard to build just because of slow loading speed.


What happened if your online store website is too slow?


Have you ever thought about the reasons why your Ecommerce store didn’t get enough visitors  eventhough you’re doing perfect on your content and appearance? It’s time to check out for website performance and speed.

loading speed affect conversion

Imagine that your content was perfectly optimized and your site had powerfull structure but the visitors even couldn’t read those because of long loading time barrier. Believe me, they will leave you in no time. According to Kissmetrics: nearly half of consumers expect a webpage take 2 seconds or less to load and 40% of visitors would abandon your website if it take longer than 3 seconds to load. 79% of visitors would never buy product from your site again because of bad performance.

loading speed affect conversion


When talking about the importance of loading speed, online store owners must know “1 second” rule. Just one second slower than competitors, you will lose 11% of all the page views. Just one second of loading delay your conversion will drop by 7%. Which mean if your Ecommerce website bring $10,000 per day, you will lose $700 for that. The more money your website make the more you lost.

When all that things happened, your customers’ disatisfaction will raise, 16% for detailed number. Then 44% of all that customers’ friends or family members will know about their poor experience shopping online with your site.


What fast website speed brings to your website?

fast loading benefits

Increasing Google rank: Google care about their searchers which means things that cause uncomfortable for searchers are bad. It also takes into oaccount the amount of time spent loading from the searchers’point of view. Although page loading speed is just one of 200 factors that you should optimize to get more point from Google and rank up, this should be the priority for website owners.

Boost conversion rate: As said be fore, 1 second could count as 7% conversion rate which considered to be a huge number with businessman! Should we have some examples to proof my word? Google had made their test on turn result page from 10 results each to 30 each. Then Google rolled out the changes and tested for speed. The final result is that their traffic had dropped by 20%. Then we understand the fact that with just a second slower, every business could lose million of dollars each year!

Reduce bounce rate: Despite the fact that bounce rate mostly decided by first impressions of the page, searchers tend to feel more and more uncomfortable when waiting for a long time. They want to read their target content but can also easily abandon it when they can just see one part of all pages. I’m sure that you had fell in these situations before. You want the content not the title only right? That’s why we need a fast loading site here.

Fast website loading speed probably will be the first priority in your optimization check list. Not only this can help your online business career but also satisfy your customer the most.There are a lot of things you should do to optimize your website loading speed such as product pages, images, setting up Content Delivery Network,etc . All you need for success is to determine which extensions you should get and which changes you should make.

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