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Magento Performance Optimization: Speed up your online store

Magento Performance Optimization

The performance of an E-commerce website decides whether they are success or not. So optimizing the speed of Magento E-commerce website turn to be the crucial factor to satisfy customers as faster speed allow faster access while shopping in your E-commerce store and also increasing Google Rank too.


Why people choose Magento platform for their store website? What is the causes for slow loading speed? What are things a entrepreuner could do to boost Magento site’s performance? This article will sweep things under the red carpet.


Why Magento?


When it comes to choosing an E-commerce CMS or platform you have many separated options. WooCommerce powered by Worpress or Shoptify or Volusion and a lot of other choices. However, Magento has always stood at the top place for businessmen and organizations to choose. This happened because of many reasons:


Magento Optimization

Magento is an open source: the first to tell about Magento is that It’s a free E-commerce platform with open source technologies. Which means it’s both easier and safer for non-technical person to understand. Moreover, Magento allows flexible construction for developers who willing to optimize their website on to a higher level.

Community: Magento is popular right now. There are thousands of Magento involvers ( developers, agencies, users) out there. They always want to share and discuss.

Responsive configuration: Online business are not only take place on computer but also land on mobile devices Statistics show that mobile users has rocketed through time. That’s when Magento become many online retailers parter as it allow store integration across multiple devices to work properly on phones, tablets,etc.

Extension diversity: with a giant store of extensions, Magento allows users expand their online store much more easily. On other hand, Magento extensions, Magento 2 Gift Card, Magento 2 Social Login, Magento Facebook also bring differences to your online store apart from others.


Why Magento Performance Optimization is Important?


The real statistics from Kissmetrics point out that 42% of surfers will give up on loading a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Actually, there’re nothing wrong with that. You have fast wifi connect and super smartphone but you can’t view a site on 3 seconds,you start to think: “ how is it possible?”. This is what things happened. Consumers doesn’t know about optimization and site speed.

magento speed optimization

Magento is known as the most robust E-commerce platform to gain advantages from its extensions and structure. However, Its heavy-weight structure is the reason why each online store owner by Magento should think about and minimize the risk of slow loading speed.


What is the causes for low performance?


Probably, loading speed of an website is affected by its size of webpages like text, images,etc. Just like you load a video from Youtube, the more detailed information it has the more time you need to load. Statistics show that webpage size increase by 25% each year and this size reach 3 MB soon ( too large number for a page). It’s clearly that If you don’t do anything then your site will disappear from consumers’ mind.


As said before, 3 seconds is not a perfect number for loading time but 90% of those Ecommercce websites couldn’t archieve. This is primarily due to too many HTTPS requests , failure to deploy cache and so on.


Magento website Optimization, backup magento techniques can make heavy content on rich e-commerce website load within the period of 3 seconds, maybe less. Just by following these 10 steps your online store webpages will ready to compete and take all the customers!


How to optimize your Magento business store?


Optimizing an website is not easy, especially on Magento platform. However, there’re always steps that each of store owner “MUST” do. Whether or not, It’s essential to find out what should be done.


  1. Running online store on lastest Magento version


Customers’ satisfaction is what Magento always care about. That’s why they update their version regularly. Each update version provide bug fixes and performance improvements which support store on speeding up. Magento usually notify you when they release a new version.


There are 3 main steps on upgrading Magento:

  • Install a fresh version Magento file tree which you want to use.
  • Run the installer
  • Move your current themes and custom extensions to newest version.


  1. Setting up Content Delivery Network


Content Delivery Network (CDN) are the transparent backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery. With CDN system, you will ensure that your resouces such as images, javascrip,CSS,etc would come from many other locations through the world. As your resources are delivered faster to customers, loading time will surely increasing.

Don’t be afraid that this is difficult. CDN allow you to modify it easily both on HTTP or new kind HTTPS too.


  1. Optimizing Images


As you see, images are always heavier than text or other content. A website’s page is made up with more than 60 percentages images which mean low your images weight down can help performance as well.


There are two ways to help you in optimizing images of Magento: Using photoshop or using extensions given by Magento and thirdparty companies to optimize automatically.


  1. Enable Magento Flat Catalog


Never heard about Flat Catalog? Flat Catalog allows your website merges product data on categories and product pagesf into one table using EAV model which store customer and product data. The process of responding to MySQL queries faster just by turning this mode on. This mean the more products you have the more benifical Flat Catalog will bring.


To enable Flat Catalog you should:

  • Select “System” on webpages => Go to “Configuration” => Next to “Catalog”
  • Find “Use Flat Catalog Category” and “Use Flat Catalog Product” choose “Yes”
  • Then “Save”
  • Clear Cache by click “System” then “Cache Management” then “Flush Cacghe Storage” to clean the Cache.


  1. Merge CSS and Javascript Files


This Concatenate function is known as a built in feature for Mangeto platform. When you merge CSS and Javascript file together, total number of HTTP and HTTPS will probably reduce which turn out to good for site’s performance.

To take action you should follow these:

  • Find “System” => go to “Advanced” => Find “Developer” .
  • Find “Merge Javascript Files” and “Merge CSS Files” all turn “Yes” then “Save Config”
  • Remember to clear cache each time you need to change something.


  1. Magento Compilation


Function of Magento Compilation is to reduce filesystem reads by copying all these files into a single directory.

Follow these steps to turn it on:

  • Continue finding “System” => “Tools” => “Compilation”
  • Click on “Run compilation Process” => “Save Config”

Magento Compilation can destroy your file if you don’t turn it off on installing more extensions or upgrading Magento version.


  1. Magento Database & Logs


Magento will keep all databases and logs for 6 months which can lead to huge icreasing on Database of your website. If your sites is good enough, you should rearrange Database and Logs to a smaller amount of days.

By helping Logs shorter:

  • Navigate “System” => “Advanced” => “System” => “Log”
  • Chance “Save Log Days” to smaller number.
  • “Save Config”


  1. Trying to reduce extensions


Perfect Magento online store website must contain extensions. However, too much extensions is not good as they provided smart function but they are heavy. So try your best to keep your Magento install down to as few extensions as possible.

  • Go to “System” => “Configuration” => “Advanced” => “Adcanved” => “Log”
  • On the module you don’t need to select “Disable” from the drop-down box.
  • “Save Config”


  1. Updating Indexes


Indexes are used to speed up MySQL queries. You don’t need to manually update all of them.

  • Start with “System” => “Index Management”
  • Choose which indexes you want to update then click “Reindex Data” then “Submit”


  1. Choose web hosting wisely


The first but tell last is web hosting. There are many web hosting providers on the market. Find the best and fastest one is the most important thing on trying to boost your web performance. Don’t play with “cheap providers”, save a little money doesn’t ensure your website quality.





As you can see there are many ways you can speed up your Magento E-commerce website. And these ways are very easy to take action ,no need code, just click. You have also know why Magento Optimization is important. More than that, I believe you guys have seen the perfect platform for your online store website.

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