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The 8 best extensions for Magento websites


Magento today is still a leader in E-Commerce platforms because of many advantages for webmasters to build websites, but users community are probably aware that the basic form of Magento websites cannot fulfill 100% their needs. It’s not a problem because eventually Magento is only a platform, not an entire solution for a business.

In order to reduce time to search on Magento Connect or Google to find suitable tools for online marketing, currency conversions, conversion optimization and so on, this list provides 8 Magento extensions in no particular order which are considered as the best solutions to setup an online stores.



Shipping is a significant task in online retail and most of new ecommerce sites find it hard to be managed, especially when the cost for items are not equal. Therefore, Matrixrate solves the problem of managing shipping costs for weight, location, quantity and others. Shipping cost will be confirm and fill in different tables when customers make order via the website.


Magento Reward Points Plus Platinum



This is one of the most powerful support and chat box software in the marketplace because of its customization and reporting capabilities. Olark allows users to keep tabs on current or past actions of the customer who are using services. With live conversation in addition to ticketed support, this solution will reduces time, push the process of customer support faster and strengthen services on websites.



Digital Marketing is crucial task to run business in E-commerce, and Bronto is the best online marketing tool for Magento website with ability to conduct targeted emails and multi-channels campaigns. The extension also performs as a CRM system by using the existing purchase data from the website. Bronto also provides customer segmentation, which is based on purchased products or categories. Metrics for analysis are average order value, last order total, total revenue and more.


XML map creator - by Magestore (free)

This extension allows user to set up and create multiple XML sitemaps for Magento site. The sitemaps submission of created pages on Google and Bing webmasters will enable them to crawl and index entire site better. It can potentially increase the amount of organic traffic to websites via search engines.   



Optimizely allows users to run A/B testing and track a specific area or metric. The panel’s interface can be edited by drag and drop, it’s very easy to start with basic setup. Optimizely can test pages, deploy a copy of temporary page, and other functions of advanced targeting tests and revenue tracking, which requires custom coding.   


Yotpo (free)

Yotpo provides a review system, which is crucial with a lot of benefits such as: Content for SEO, tool of marketing, improvement of truth on products, or email-based review requests.

Yotpo focuses heavily on SEO and it also has reviews filter, the ability to hide some random pointless reviews.      


One Step Checkout - by Magestore

Amount of time to import, process data and finish orders is one of crucial elements that impact total sales volume. Therefore, with functions such as suggest information, increase loading speed, support customer to fill order in one step, One Step Checkout Extensions helps to shorten sales circles. Moreover, it allows most of payment methods to make the deal closes easier.    



Zendesk is a cheap and effective way to organize customer support without numbers of support agents. For a small site with one person to support customer, the cost is only $12 a year, and the bigger store with more professional customer services only need a fairly low cost of $59 per month. The price is much more cheaper in comparison with staff salary.      


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