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Advantages of Magento for E-commerce websites

There are many platforms that can be used for E-commerce websites, but Magento is always considered as a leading name for enterprises at all size. Regarding a lot of perspective about advantages of Magento, here are four main reasons that briefly review outstanding abilities of the platform.



Page editor of Magento allows users to build and customize the online stores based on vision. All functions on sites can be handled without requirement of high level coding by a friendly content management interface. Product pages, shopping cart, contact information and other functions can be designed easily.

Moreover, the website can be integrated with many third party extensions and Google Analytics. Payment methods and other tools, likes MailChimp, are also can be aid to optimize the business. Users can get access to manage and analyze all data.     

Go along with flexibility in customization, website security is still guaranteed and also can be customized. Multiple levels of security permissions help users to keep their site safe by managing internal access easily. Standard PCI Data Security, CAPTCHA equipment on login screens, and secondary password with extra defense would block most unwelcomed access.



Magento websites have responsive design, customers will find it easy to view products and checkout pages on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This configure in Magento website development company is to catch up with the new trend that customer behaviors are continuing to move toward mobile devices, rather than shopping on PC.

In addition, a Magento platform can process up to 500,000 products on each site which can be easily fitered by each brand, and handle more than 80,000 orders per hour,thanks to Point Of Sale extension, the scalability allows users to grow their stores from one to many shopping carts on the same site. However, Magento has particular requirements for hosting to reach optimal performance and high loading speeds. Users need to make sure that they have the right setup in terms of infrastructure for their business. If you want to know how to properly manage your inventory using barcodes, click here.

Another remarkable function on Magento is upsells and cross-sells, store owners can easily add prompts of related products on product pages and suggestion to buy more on checkout pages which also can be optimized all steps in just one page checkout. It probably improve user experience and also increase sales potential.


Magento is built with priority for Search engines optimization, it brings the websites more chance to get organic traffic from Google, Bing and more. It also has plenty of ways to customize the websites with more SEO functions by tools, coding or third-party extensions.  

In addition, Magento has a site’s search bar, which helps to improve SEO and conversion optimization. Store owners can see the most popular products on the website’s internal search bar, that would be the data for them to optimize traffic in the most popular pages.

Finally, sitemap is a significant element that helps webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites. After submit the sitemap, search engines could crawl and index content easier. Therefore, Magento allows users to enable such a sitemap which would help the website get indexed faster, and bring more chance that product pages could be found easier.



After many years developing and serving over 250,000 business in E-commerce, now there are thousand Magento developers with official certifications all over the world. That number is still growing and it creates a huge community to support others and study, and also bring business opportunities and networking. Therefore, a new developer or business owner doesn’t need too much time to get used to Magento. All most guidelines, tools and other updates would be shared, it saves a lot of time and cost in comparison with building a website totally from the ground. Moreover, it is possible to create and control multiple online stores, in multiple languages and multiple currency, by using only one panel. One more thing to note,you can earn more profit With Affiliate Program supported by Magestore. That’s why, a small business can go global with Magento.